2019 Goat Album!

Patrick Kane decided to help my dad colect the eggs.
what a cute hockey player
One of the tripelets and Emma
Patrick Kane once again.
The Male Goat Gang including assistant captain Patrick Kane, the triplets, assistant captain ron mclean and captain Edward.
Patrick Kane again

that’s it!


The Difference Between grass-fed and Grain Fed Goat Meet

Olla today I will talk about the difference between grass fed Goat meet vs grain fed Goat meet.

On my Goat operation I do Grass fed because of these reasons…

  1. It’s more Natural
  2. grass fed goat meet is more sweet and less strong
  3. the only down side to grass fed is it takes a little longer to put a lot of meet on the goat

Grain finnished has mainly down sides.

  1. grain fed is not Natural
  2. it’s more strong
  3. there is more fat in it

that’s it!