The Golden Rule

Hello the reason I’m writing this article is because Olivia and me got in a fight. So for what we done in the fight I pushed Olivia of the bed and she punched me in the face and called me a ******.

So now that I told you why I’m doing this il explain what the Golden Rule is.

The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is “do not harm- do good” and in return you get : no harm and good.

Buuuuut…… If you push someone of the bed in my case I got punched in the face and that’s what blowback is.

So if you do bad the person you did bad to will do bad back to you.

So that’s why the Golden rule should apply everywhere.

Also here is a picture of the cover of the book.

What happened in the book is Ethan and Emily went to a camp with their class and Ethans group was polling dirty tricks and then Emily’s group blowed back by putting a Skunk in Ethans cabin and more. So then there was a big storm and then the camp was going to start flooding so then some of Ethans Group graved shovels and together they made a sandbag wall hi enough to protect them from the water and Ethans group did something good so then Emily’s group did something good back and that’s how the story ended.

Thats it!