Why Are Judges Called Your Honor And Her Honor?

Hello last day me and my Dad where questioning ourselves why are judges called your honor and her honor. So then Dad then decided to turn this question into a homeschool assignment.

Here is my guess why the judges are called that: I think judges are called your honor and her honor because judges have some kind of royalty thing from back in the medieval days.

What I Learned From The Research

The Supreme Court of Canada discourages the use of designations referring to “Lord or Lordship” or “Lady or Ladyship”. They prefer “Justice”. … The proper designation of a Provincial Court Judge is “Your Honour“. The proper designation of a Provincial Court Judicial Justice is “Your Worship”. And here is the link for the credit: › our-legal-knowledge-base › forms-address .

So from what I understand it’s just simply a way to respect the judge. Even though I prefer to call judges lord I can’t because it’s disrespectful to the judge and the court. Also a reason why you shouldn’t call a judge one of the things you’re not supposed call them above is if ever actually do have a case you’ll probably lose it because of that reason.

What realy questions me is the lawyer makes way more money but doesn’t have a special name like the judges and normally lawyers are called by there name or lawyer.

So that’s it on why Judges are called your honor and her honor.