English Farm Stuff Schoolwork

RPC ENG4 L155 Farm Stories

Hello today I will write about farm stories from my childhood and other farm stories.

The way I said my first word…

Waaaaaaay back when I was two or one years old I used to loooooooove riding with my dad in the tractor and I’d spend a lot of time playing in the garden and one day and I got full of mud ( when I was a baby I spend a lot of time playing in the mud) I fertilized the drave way and my dippers and my mom brought me inside to change dippers. mean while mom changing my dippers and dad was passing bye with the tractor and then I seen the tractor thru the window and then I said: Trawctor! So that’s how I said my first word!

Pee And A Half

So when I was five I was helping the hired hands pix pees once and anyways instead of piking the pees and putting them in the pin I would eat them and put the shell in the bin. So one day in June 2013 I was picking pees with one of the hired hands who was also babysitting me while my parents were gone to town to get something for the four-wheeler and anyways my bin was full of pee shell and not pees in their shells so as always I’d eat them and then I went to say thank you to the hired hand for babysitting me and my parents asked me to offer her a pee so I went ahead and gave her a half eaten pee! The end!

Party Time!

A long time ago my mom needed to go on a conference call for something so she put me down for my nap an hour early and when I was young I had a schedule and if it got messed up id get grumpy or id refuse to do whatever it was. So I crawled out of the semi bed and climbed on to the changing table and got into the baby powder and I started shaking it and my mom had forgot to close it so then 2 hours later there was baby powder all over the room and I had made a baby powder castel. The end!

Here are some pics from baby years and grade 1 and 2. there are also pics of my sisters in here.

That’s it!