Farm Stuff

Our Tracotrs!

Hello! Today I am going to write about all of our tractors on the farm!

So here is our smallest tractor!

Kubota M680
Kubota M9540 (small tractor Pulling the big tractor).
Kubota M110
Massey Ferguson 550 combine
John Deere 800 swather
Kubota T1570

Here are some more good tractor pics

I took this picture from our friend Jordan’s deer stand

And that’s it!

History Schoolwork

History 4 Lesson 35

Hello! Here is Mr.Livingston’s assignment for me today! Describe the effect that numerous small inventions have on a culture over time. Discuss the roles that capital and work ethic play. (Hint: think about the differences between the ancient Greek attitude towards work, embodied in the leisurely Greek Golden Age, and the Christian attitude towards work.

The plate is an very important invention we need because without out it there is a chance humans would not exist right now! The plate also keeps your food clean. The reason we might not be alive today is because without the plate the germs would always get on our food and we always get sick. Thanks to the plate the Greeks who make marble plates or any kind of plate knowing that they are helping to save the world from getting sick. Then the elder Greeks would be proud to now that they were part of making plates or still are which makes them feel young and capable of doing more things because they helped the world. Then Christians attitude towards their work more excitingly because they know that they were or are a part of saving the world which then makes them feel better about what they do instead of being like: I made a plate today yaaay…. The they’d go Yaaaaaaay! So when people make plates they can feel better by knowing that there taking a part of saving the world from becoming sick

That’s it hope you enjoyed!