Farm Stuff

We Got 127 Chicks!!!

Hello today we went to the Co-op to get our order of 100 chicks ten Azure blue’s and 90 Rhode Island Reds and instead we got 11 Azure Blues and 116 Rhode Island Red’s. The yellow chicks are the Azur Blue’s and the Red ones are the Rhode Island Red chicks. They are under a heat lamp so you can’t really see their colors.

And that’s it!

History Schoolwork

RPC History 4 Lesson 40

Hello! Here is Mr.Livingston’s essay for me too write! This is the end of the eighth week in the course. You have learned about 32 different inventions. Which one has been your favorite so far, and why?

My favorite invention would be the heavy plow even though on our farm we try not to practice tilling. The reason the heavy plow is my favorite invention from this course so for is because without the plow I would not have time to write on my blog. we would have small fields all over the place. But you might be saying we can still till the fields well no because without the plow the tiller would not of been invented. But thanks to the No-till seed drill we would not need to till up our fields we would just have to plant them and remember where we passed. I also find that the plow is important so farmers now where there planting.

And it’s a rap up!