Ewe Giving Birth!

Hello! Here is a video a I took a few days ago of a ewe giving birth!

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History Schoolwork

RPC History 4 Lesson 55

Hello! Today I shall do this assignment Mr.Livingston gave me: Summarize each of the four inventions you learned about in this course this week and explain their impact on history.

So too start of with here are the four things I learned about Universities, the Wine press, the Ribbed Vault, and the Chimney.

The Ancient Rome universities were mainly made for Bishops too learn how to write, and read. And before Ancient Rome collapsed a lot of the rich Romans went to universities and schools until Ancient Rome collasped.

The Wine Press. The wine press was first invented around 1000 AD by the Roman monks. After the Roman Empire collapsed the Roman farmers did not have enough money to make wine so then they payed just a little bit of money to the monks to use their Wine Press and then they still made a lot of money even though they had to pay some money to the monks.

The Ribbed Vault. A rib vault is an architectural feature used to cover a large interior space in a building, usually the nave of a church or cathedral, in which the surface of the vault is divided into webs

The Chimney. The Chimney is used to heat homes. The Chimney first triggered to become popular after the Romans discovered concrete. The more rich Roman had houses that had a room that was roofeles they made fires and the smoke would go up into the air. But then when the little Ice Age came many people died and that’s when the chimney saves many lives!

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