Lego building instructions!

Lego Dirt Road Instructions

Hello! Here is the instructions to make a dirt road! This one is 40 pieces (Counting trees) and 5 steps!

What you will need!


First build your trees but remember all trees are different so you don’t need to make the same ones as me.




If you want to make curves you can put the dark green grass on the side of a platform then you just make more roads! No you can make a road that goes around your whole table!

And that’s is the end for this post!

Dad essays

The Development Of The Pineapple

Hello so this morning my dad assigned me to write an essay instead of doing a normal homeschool day. Here is his essay: Please research how pineapples are grown and produced, including whether or not they have a flower at any time or not. 

So let’s get to it!

The sword like leaves can grow up to about 5 feet! that’s almost as tall as me! (I’m 5,2 ft). The Pineapple grows through a central stem. The fruit is actually the result of dozens of individual fruit-producing flowers that have fused into a single fruit, which is capped with a “crown” sporting numerous short leaves.When removed, the crown of the pineapple fruit contains small roots. If it’s planted into the ground (or a pot), a new fruit-producing plant will grow. Additionally, the plant’s “suckers” (side shoots that grow in between the leaves of the main stem) and slips (tiny plantlets that grow out from the base of the pineapple fruit) can produce new plants when re-planted.

Use for pineapples:

So I don’t really like pineapples when alone but I do like them in smoothies and in pineapple juice. I don’t like going to hot places but if I had to go to one I would go to Pineapple country during harvesting season and help harvest the Pineapples.