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Educational Night

Hello! Last night my family and I went for a walk on one of the fields we are renting to see how our rye and winter pea mix was doing.

Although it looks like this field’s crop from last year wasn’t harvested it actually was. The dead stuff is the residue which will collapse onto the soil then the worms and mycorrhizae fungi will eat it then that one single plant can help 2 more plants. Do you see the little green things? Those are this years crop of rye and winter peas which both can survive the winter and most of the plants survived.

Now you must be wondering what mycorrhizae fungi is. Well mycorrhizae fungi is a type of fungi that is microscopic and so there is millions in our soils but then if you compare it to some conventional farmers fields you must be wondering where is the mycorrhizae fungi? Well we do no tillage and some farmers will till and plow their fields every year. No till is when we don’t plow or till a field even though we have all sorts of tillage equipment we only use it if necessary or if we are leveling out a field or renovating fields that were abandoned. Here is a picture of mycorrhizae fungi!

The mycorrhizae fungi is also known as the Funguy for a joke.

We also checked on our new ditch we had a tilling crue did for us.

I then went to our friend Jordans hunting stand to take a picture of the biggest oak tree I’ve ever seen close to where I live.

On the way back to the truck Emma was bugging me because she thought this was a good picture.

Then we found the remains of a giant tillage Radish a Moose or Deer had nibbled on.

When we got home we went to put the chickens inside the chicken trailer and then little innocent Max wanted some attention even though it was dark and hard to see.

Here is a video of the hens coming out of the chicken trailer.

Also we found an NHL licensed Chicago Blackhawks puck in our toy shed!

And this is what we did at the end of the day. I’m the tallest kid with the hat.

And that’s what we did for this field trip!