History Schoolwork

History 4 Lesson 50

Hello! Here is my assignment: Briefly name and summarize the lives and main achievements of the four Islamic scholars you studied this week. Also explain why the Arabs made big advancements in fields related to biology, like medicine and the study of vision, but not in physics.

So the four men that where mentioned are: Al-Kindi, Khwarizmi, DR. Razi, and Al-Hazen.

Al-Kindi wrote at least two hundred and sixty books and contributed heavily to geometry.

Khwarizmi  invented the Arabic Number System. He also had many other achievements including: Being a scholar at the House of Wisdom.

DR. Razi was a musician and a money-changer until his 30s, when he began to study medicine in Baghdad.

Al-Hazen most famous astronomical work is Hayʾat al-ʿālam (“On the Configuration of the World”).

The Arabs made a big advancement in biology, like medicine and the study of vision, because of the four men I learned about this year which all had something to do with biology. Then when they started to have more interest in medicine, biology, and the study of vision they lost interest in physics and forgot about it for a while.

And that’s the end for this essay!

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