Farm Stuff Jake essay ideas

The Dalew Farms Animal Quiz!

Here is the link hope you enjoy!

That’s it!

Jake essay ideas

The How Well You Know Me Quiz

Hello! If you want to take the quiz here it is!

That’s it I’m excited to see what you get!

Farm Stuff Jake essay ideas

Animal Search!

Hello! So today since we aren’t that busy I want to do an animal search where I will put pictures and you have to find the animal or thing I tell you to find!

Can you find our guard dog?

This is Stella

can you find Stella in the next picture?

That’s it if you want more animal searches just comment on any post and make a request!

English Schoolwork

RPC ENG 5 L30 (Final Draft)

Hello! Here is the assigment Mrs.Fish assigned me: Write one paragraph on what you like about your neighborhood or where you live.

So I will make ten reasons why I like my neighborhood.

1 I only have 5 neighbours so it is always quiet. 2 Most of our neighbors are funny.3 The neighbors on the other side of the highway have kids who like to go snowmobiling and fourwelling like me.4 Our neighbor Charlie is a electrician. 5 Charlie is super funny and loves to go snowmobiling with me and my dad. 6 Charlie likes to come have lunch or breakfast with us. 7 I like to see our neighbors get stuck with the fourwheeler, side by side or snowmobile and call us to pull them out. 8 I like doing competitions with our neighbors like last year we did a competition to see who could build the biggest fort. 9 Inviting neighbors over for parties. 10 Going four wheeling and snowmobiling with my neighbors.

Here is a picture from 2018 of my old four wheeler. Now the family and I have a super cool Polaris Xplorer 300 1997 ut I use it the most!

and that’s the end!