Schoolwork Science

RPC Science 5 L40

Hello! This week in science I learned about becoming a Certified Master Chef (CMC), how to make baguettes, French baguettes, and I got a refresher on how to make dough and batter.

Baguettes are also the main type of bread in lego as it is the only bread you can get in lego.

I am use to making bread as my mom makes one loaf of bread every two week or every week.

Like here is one of my favorite breads she made the Volcano bread.

In other news we just got two kittens this morning! There both boys and we gave the one with a white ring pattern on his neck Ernie and the other one Bert! Both Bert and Ernie are family members Ernie is my great grandpa Ernels nickname and he passed away three years ago and this would of been his birthday today.

And that’s it for this essay!

Dad essays

The Wood Chipboard Industry!

Hello! Last day me and my dad were wondering what species of trees do woodworkers use to make chipboard?

Well I figured out that they use Spruce Trees and Pines to make chipboards so in the Pines we have Red Pine, White Pine, Jack Pine, and etc. The reason I am doing research on the logging industry is because I have been sleeping on the rec room couch for awhile and mom said the room was getting messy so we used Chipboards and milk crates to lift my bed of the ground. Know the reason I was sleeping on the couch is because a week ago me and my mo where taking of my bed sheet when we discovered that something was chewing on my bed sheet. so then we looked under my bed and we found turds that were too big to be mice turds but where to small to be Rat turds. So that narrowed us down to only one being… My lost Gerbil!!! So about two months ago someone forgot to keep the door closed to my bedroom where we were keeping the Gerbil and the cat got in and broke the pipe that leads to where the gerbil normally sleeps. So then we though the cat had eaten her. The a month and a half later that when the bed situation came. When we moved the bed I was hoping that if my gerbil was still alive that the cat would find it and eat it. Although it would be nice to see how the gerbil is surviving independently. Here is a picture of my bed!

And here is a picture of our gerbil before she went missing.

Now back to the subject!

Chipboard is little wood chips from trees like Spruce that were cut into plywood the pieces when fling and does pieces are rather wood chip or saw dust that comes from the saw.

Here is a picture of worlds largest Spruce tree!

The logging industry has been here for a very long time so long that when the pioneers moved to Canada and the united states it was already an old thing.

Here are a couple of pictures of giant pine trees

Red Pine
White Pine

I have planty of pictures of giant pines fro maround here on my phone the only problem is I can’t find my phone 😦 but I’ll eventually find it!

Here are picture of some of the biggest trees on the home farm I took using my moms phone!

Soft Maple!

Three years age there was a big storm that knocked down two branches of the tree and broke our old swinging tire. But besides that it’s been great! In the background you can see the new silo we got quite a while ago. And you might be able to see the lawn mower.

What is your favorite tree or the biggest tree where you live? The Maple tree is probably the third biggest tree on the home farm! Our home farm is 146 acres dad said about 46 no workable and 100 workable or has buildings on it. We once cut down a Pine tree at the back of our farm that was 237 years old! I was super big! I kept part of the trunk as a decoration!

And that’s it!


Why John Deere’s Are So Expensive And Always Break Down?

Hello! Today since I felt like it I decided that I am going to write about why John Deere is so expensive and breaks down all the time.

John Deere’s are so expensive but not always the best quality because they use expensive parts. There have been reports that too try too save money by getting their engineers to do a half job or just not do everything properly. Like they will loosen a fuse so it burns out more quickly which you can’t always fix.

Now that explains why they always break down. Now I have to tell you why they’re so expensive.

John Deere has a little higher prices than the competition but that’s not a big deal. It’s all the repairs they have to go for all the time. In certain places your not allowed to fix your John Deere tractor like in Australia, and because of that, getting their local dealership to fix it makes it more expensive to have a John Deere, compared to other brands which farmers are able to fix themselves.

Now just for the fun of it here are some stuck John Deere’s and broken John deere pictures!

This Tractor is super stuck it’s tri duals witch is three duals on every tire and plus it’s one of John Deere’s biggest tractor series! 🤣🤣

John Deere 9560R

The small tractor got stuck then the big tractor that came to pull it out got stuck then after that the farms biggest tractor came and got stuck!!!🤣🤣

This is not a normal tractor…

Poor Tires they deserve a better brand.

And that’s it hope you enjoyed!


My Top 10 Most Favorite Tractors

Hello! Since I felt like it I am going to list my 10 most favorite tractors by looks because I haven’t driven all of them before.


New Holland T7 227


Kubota M5 9540 We own a tractor exactly like this!


Case Ih Pro 7230


Kubota M7 270


New Holland T8


Versatille 9RX


New Holland T9


Case Ih Steiger 630


Kubota Something (Name not revealed yet).


Kubota M8 270

And that’s it thank you for reading!

Jake essay ideas Tractors!

Versatille Is Making Tractors For Kubota!

Hello! I just figured this out yesterday that Versatille is making tractors for Kubota marked under Kubota’s name! This is an interaction between my number one favorite tractor brand kubota and my 3rd favorite brand Versatille. No Kubota did not buy Versatille but they made a deal so Versatile makes tractors for Kubota! Did you know my first word I ever said was tractor? Kubota made tractors up to the M7 series until this deal came now they have the M8 series and a few more!

Here are some pictures of the tractors Versatille is making for Kubota

Kubota M8 211
My Favorite the Kubota articulated tractor! They have not made a name for it yet from what I know of but eventually it will have one.

Doesn’t the Kubota articulated tractor look a lot like Versatile articulated tractor?

Versatille 9RX

The only reason I discovered this deal is because I was looking for new profile pictures and the Kubota articulated tractor cam up and I said to myself it looks a lot like a Versatille. And that’s how I discovered this deal!

And here are my top five most favorite M8 and all new Kubota tractor pictures!


Kubota M8 211


Kubota M8 211


Kubota M8 211



Kubota M8 211 with a Great Plains No-Till seed drill!

And that is it folks!

Dad essays

What Is Food Fasting?

Hello! This morning I discovered that one of my friends is food fasting and I asked my dad what is food fasting? And that’s what led to this essay.

First when I search for food fasting I only typed fasting which then gave me fastening bolts. The when I typed food fasting there were plenty of things about it! I guess it must popular!

Here is what I found:

Fasting completely for 1 or 2 days a week, known as the Eat-Stop-Eat diet, involves eating no food for 24 hours at a time. Many people fast from breakfast to breakfast or lunch to lunch. People on this diet plan can have water, tea, and other calorie-free drinks during the fasting period. Isn’t this crazy!?!?! I can’t go two hours without have a snack! And if I skipped a meal then next id probably double that I would normally eat. LIke once I was babysitting my sister Olivia and she made her super but not mine and I completely forgot about super since I was doing chores! Also another time I was sick and I could only eat bread, crackers, and bananas! Then we ran out of crackers then I drained the supply of bananas then said only one bread per day because we only had one loaf of bread left. So then two days later when I felt better and I ate triple at every meal that day! SO I think for me its a bad idea to do food fasting. But research does say it is good for adults.

Just imagine! Your mom has a food company like my mom and I’m sitting there watching her put Trout into customers orders and I so badly wanted to try the Trout!

And that’s it for this essay from dad!

Schoolwork Science

RPC Science 5 L25

Hello! Today I learned about Fruits like Apples, Oranges, Lemons, and etc.

Did yo know that the colour Orange was actually named after the fruit orange. Did you know in the olden days when my great grandpa was a kid Oranges used to be Christmas!

I also learned other ways to make apple fruit. Even though my favorite way to make apple sauce is my moms way I find this way seems good two.

I also seen how orange juice was is made. And the one Orange farm made their own 1 million dollar orange harvester! I think there harvester ther is very cool!

They use truck that have 400 horse power that has more horse power than a Case IH Puma!

And that’s the end of this lesson!

Jake essay ideas Requests!

I Have A New Blog!

Hello! Today I just finish making a new blog called the farm kids blog where a ton of homeschool farm kids right about their lives or right things about animals plants and etc. Here is the link;

That’s it!

English Schoolwork


Hello! Here is my assignment from Mrs.Fish: Write one paragraph on something that you were scared to try, but you tried it anyway and were glad that you did.

Once on one of my vacations in Ottawa’s Calypso water park and I wanted to go on the biggest slide with my uncle and mom. But then the life guard said less heavy has to go in the front of the tube and so I did it and it was very fun! But what I was really scared of was losing another goat. Because my pet goat Ernest (2017-2018) had died when we had left to go on vacation once during the winter. But I’m glad I did go! Because there was this congo water roller coaster where you would sit in a tube and the water would push you in a course it was very fun! One more thing I was scared to try was the cold toilet you would slid into a hole that looked like a toilet and then you would go into the hole then into some cold water. But the reason I was scared of that slide was because they said cover your next just in case you hurt yourself going down the hole because the guy before me pack flipped into the hole and almost hit his head against the edge of the hole. But I’m glad I tried all of those things because I had fun and got to see my little cousin when he was a baby!

History Schoolwork

RPC History 4 Lesson 65

Here is my assignment from mr.Livingston! Describe each of the inventions studied in the course this week and how they impacted history. Also write about the most interesting thing you learned, and why.

I learned about buttons not buttons on your computer but clothing buttons, Oil Painting, Cannons, and the Spinning Wheel.

So the clothing button was invented about 50 years before The Little Ice Age, but never got popular until the little ice age came because the old ways of ting their clothes let to much hot air get out wich would make them cold then the buttons got popular. back in the medieval times you could get buttons made out of wood, metal, silver, and gold.

Oil Painting. Before Oil painting came people used egg yolk and pigment or mucus to make paint and they crunch sapphires in to little pieces too make blue paint. Then once Oil painting came along they still used things like Sapphires to make color but the new form of paint was more efficient.

The Cannon. Before the Cannon came catapults and trebuchets were the only heavy military weapons then they invented the cannon which was a ball or rock shot out of a bell like tube that was powered by gunpowder cannons had been very popular for a very long time. But once hier military inventions came like the misssle it grew lest popular as they did not need the cannon anymore.

The Spinning Wheel. Thanks to the Spinning Wheel in pioneer times they were able to make clothes 10x times faster than the wool strings when before the Spinning Wheel it was the wool strings that where ten times faster to make.

And that’s the end of this essay thank you for reading!