We Got Our First Kid/Baby Goat Of The Year!!!

So this morning when I was going to feed the bottle calves I seen a newborn goat so I went to check her out and it’s a her! So now we need names if anyone has girl name ideas please comment!

No here are some pictures of her, Mom and her dad.

Here is her
Her mom’s name is Pain In The But.

Before I could take the picture of the dad Patrick Kane Wanted some attention.

Here is Edward her dad

And that’s it!


My Gerbil Observations

for the past 30 days I have been spending 20 or 10 minutes every schoolwork day observing my gerbil. Here is a pie chart of the percentage of stuff it does.

The gerbil is nocturnal so it is not as active during the day.

So that is it for my Gerbil observations!