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History 4 Lesson 30

Hello! Today’s lesson Mr.Livingston assigned me to do is this: the compass didn’t have the same effect in China that it did in Europe almost immediately. How were the two cultures different, and how did that influence the way the two different civilizations used the compass?

The reason the compass got very popular quicker in Europe than China is because the Chinese had already been using them for about 200 years. So then the Chinese were able to travel almost anywhere any time in the season and then when the European discovered the Compass they started using it. Thanks to the Compass Christopher Columbus was able to find North America, South America, and Central America.

My favorite invention from these five essays was the Aqueduct because I find it cool making structures to direct water somewhere and it’s cool how I do sort ov the same thing when I dig trenches for water to run around in at the sand pit here is a lego model of the Aquaduct.

And that’s it hope you enjoyed!