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The Difference Between No Know And Now

Hello, as some of you might now from my past posts sometimes I mix up now with know and no with now or know. So today on this post I will be writing an essay on the difference.

Know means being aware through observation. So here is an example sentence: I know that I should of caught this mistake because now I have to write a 200 word essay about no, know, and now. I know where you are but where is Emma. I know that Alex Ovechkin and David Pastrnak are both tied for most goals in the NHL 2019-20 season so far.

No means you don’t want something or you are rejecting something someone offers you or asks you. Here are some no examples. No thank you but thanks for offering. There is no sign of Emma. I know where Emma is but I don’t know where we are and there is no activities to do until someone finds us.

Now means when someone wants something right away. Here are some examples. I want ice cream now! Quick get the shepards hook, now! I know what you did Emma now come out of your hiding spot.

That’s it this assignment dad gave me!