Schoolwork Science

RPC Science 5 L1

So today I just started science 5 and my assignment for lesson 1 was to write a short article on what I would like to make after Food Science is over. What ingredients are needed? Who would I like to share it with? How can I encourage someone else with this experience?

So what I would like to cook after food science would be a big bison ribs with goat meat and Bass on the side mmmmmmm I am watering over it right now that is a very cool thing. The ingredients I would need are: Bison ribs, goat meat, bass meat, a little salt, lime juice, Parsley, pepper and flour. I’d like to share my recipe and meal with anyone who wants to try making it themselves or any one who wants try at home like mom and dad. The way I can encourage someone else with this experience would be to let them see how I cook in the kitchen incase it is someone who is germaphobic or someone who just someone who won’t think it’s good. After I get them in the kitchen I would get them to taste samples as I go to encourage them to eat my whole meal when it’s ready and then hopefully it works!

The end!