History Schoolwork

History 4 Lesson 20

Hello today Mr.Livingston’s assignment for me is to write an essay on: why were the Christian monks able to help preserve and restore civilization after the Roman Empire collapsed? What were some of the inventions they used to do so, and how did they work?

Christian Monks were able to help preserve and restore civilization after the Roman Empire collapsed because they could not rely on the Empire to give the citizens clean water and flour so they were forced to invent something to help them survive and get the food and water they needed, and that is when the water wheel came along. The water wheel would use the power of a quick downstream river to make a wheel turn when the wheel would turn a hammer using gears, gears were invented before water mills so water mills could be functionable. Thanks to gears a lot of people were able to live longer than when the Roman Empire was providing the citizens there food and water, because it was higher quality and they got the amount they needed when they needed food.

Cams are another very important invention because then we would still be using work horses instead of tractors and I would never have time for schoolwork because instead of taking half an hour to feed the cows it would take us about quite a while to feed the cows not including the long cold horse ride in the winter it would take to get to the back of the farm and that’s why cams are important and once again this is when gears are another very important piece because now without gears there would be now four wheel drive or big jacked up 4X4 trucks.

So that’s it on today’s essay!