Schoolwork Science

RPC Science 5 L5

Hello today on RPC science 5 I learned about things I sorta already knew like how to handle plants, I learned I tinsy bit more about Photosymphasist, and I learned that I will be making a Treacle tart as a bonus at the end of the Masterchef section.

I also learned more about my favorite kind of tree on my essay RPC Science 5 L3 Like I did not now Dinosaurs once lived in Ontario. I had no clue there was such a thing as a Black Pine or even a European Black Pine I also had no clue that there where any species of Pine trees in Korea but now I know.

And that’s it for these five lessons!

Schoolwork Science

RPC Science 5 L3

Hello today Mr.Dignan wanted me to do this as my assignment:

Write a short article on your favorite plant. Describe this plant and talk about why you like it. Answer the following questions in your paper:

  1. What is the genus and species?
  2. Is it an annual, biennial or perennial?
  3. Does it produce edible fruit?
  4. What part of the world can it be found?

My favorite plant would be a Red Pine tree that grows here in Ontario Quebec, and south of the Great Lakes.

The Red Pine is like any other Pine tree (Besides the Tamarack) but instead of growing hard brown bark it grows light brown, reddish, and pink bark. The average height is 24 feet tall and the red pine in Ontario can grow from 20 feet to 45 feet and once in awhile you’ll see the one giant Red Pine that is 50 feet. The reason I like it is because the size it can reach its color and it’s good fire wood when it’s dead.

Now I will answer Mr.Dignan list of questions:

  1. Pine
  2. Perennial
  3. It does not produce fruit or anything editable.
  4. It can mainly be found in Quebec and Ontario Canada.

Here is a list of my top 10 favorite tree species:

  1. Red Pine
  2. White Pine
  3. White Oak
  4. Kapok
  5. Red Oak
  6. Maple
  7. Spruce
  8. Tamarack
  9. Poplar
  10. Coast Redwood

The Coast Redwood is world’s biggest tree species so I will post a picture than continue with my essay.

Now the Red Pine brother in its classification are: White Pine, Spruce, Korean Red Pine, and the European Black Pine.

Here are some interesting facts about the Red Pine:

There was only one living things in worlds existence that ate only Red Pine trees it’s name is the: Lambeosaurus this Dinosaur is one of the few Ontarian Dinosaurs here is a picture of it:

That’s it thank you for reading! Please tell me what your favorite plant is!