History Schoolwork

RPC History 4 Lesson 25

Hello here is today’s history assignment Mr.Livingston assigned me to write about: 1) In what ways do you use simple machines in your life? Identify two or three and explain them.
2) T’sai Lun was inspired to make paper by observing the way a wasp builds its nest. Think about some aspect of nature that you have noticed (whether it be an animal behavior, a plant process, or any other thing) that has captured your interest. How could it be applied towards making or improving inventions (or a process)?

1 So one of the many simple machines I use in my life is the fork I use a fork to eat my food without getting my hands as dirty so I don’t have to wash my hand after lunch. Another everyday simple machine I use is the pitch fork without it I’d would have just finished chores. Because half of my chores is to fork hay to the animals that’s why the pitch fork is very important to me.

2 The booster seat was inspired by monkeys and how the baby would use its arms as a belt to hold it to it’s mom’s back. Thanks to the baby monkey now more children are safe and booster seats and Tigger gets to lay on a comfy seat!

That’s it hope you enjoyed reading my essay!