English Schoolwork

RPC ENG 5 L5 (Rough Draft)

Hello today Mrs. Fish said that my essay for this week will be to write an essay on my favorite vacation.

My favorite summer vacation was the hole summer break of 2019 because there was no school and I worked and played all summer! My top 3 most favorite things about my 2019 summer break was 3: Doing farm work, 2: Spending time with my family, and 3: going four wheeling. My favorite part of working was when we were fixing fences at the creak I got to see a lot of cool dragonflies and sucker fish. I also loved making my sand dams and rivers it so fuuuuuuuun! I like spending time with my family because when we go to my Aunts Camp we normally go swimming.

So that’s it for this lesson!


It’s Official!

Both my sisters are going to be homeschooled! They will both be using RPC!

Here is the link to Olivia’s blog: and here is Emma’s: .

Thank you!