History Schoolwork

History 4 Lesson 10

Hello today mr. Livingston assigned me to do this for lesson 10 : What are some ways that new military inventions shape the outcome of a war, and why?

New military inventions like the tank shape the outcome of war because of how mayne humans can make, how powerful they are and their durability.

How the Tank shapes the outcome of war is its power to explode the opponent and it’s agility for a vehicle with tracks.

Then the giant U.S. ships with there giant missiles and weaponry help the outcome of war because manly it’s power and power.

The Planes that are used for war predict the outcome the a war these planes would carry thousands of soldiers bombs and how it can land in a safe way and fly.

That’s it! Thank you for reading!

History Schoolwork

History 4 Lesson 5

So today my first History essay mr Livingston wanted me two answer this. How might holding a cyclical view of time (as opposed to a linear one where time has a beginning, a middle, and an end) make someone pessimistic about the future? Alternatively, explain how a person’s worldview can help increase or decrease their capital.

So at the beginning there would be alot of excited people because it’s a new world there are a lot of things to be done like build houses, animal shelters, make tool to defend themselves and for basic building etc.

In the middle people get more civilized and start getting less interested in the things they do and the main reason they keep doing what they do is to get Money, Euros and Pounds of money.

At the end people would be depressed about going to work and then the people that have certain jobs like farmers (me), Kings, Presidents, police officers, doctors, mechanics and jobs like that would be all excited to go to work because they never know what’s gonna happen like when we got those triplets that one morning. But then when you compare the other jobs like construction builders every day they go and build or fix something and then when you compare Farmers to Construction builders farmers who own animals are excited because they will never know if a animal is stuck in mud, jumped over a fence or is having a baby. Then when you compare it to a construction builder all he knows and does is build. Then when they get so bored of doing the same things over and over again they will get so bored that they will literally quit their jobs and sit on their couch and play video games for the rest of their life and then people some people probably 45% of the population of people who quit their jobs will get jobs like Farmers, Doctors and more unpredictable jobs but the problem with that is that there will be no one to help the growing population after that the government will get so many complaints from the first farmers that they will start forcing people to build and repair farm equipment for the 6 billion new and first farmers then there will be multiple farm equipment brands like Kubota, New Holland and more will be making so much pollution because the great demand in their products after that the whole world will start to look like China then people will start getting sick and more and more pollution will be made from people tearing down cities that it will look like this:

Then there will be so much pollution that it will start killing people and there will no safe spots then the shield that protects the earth won’t be able to protect us anymore then will let meteors in and that will kill the remaining population of living things on the planet than the earth will look like the moon the only difference is that there will a ton of junk and fire from vehicles that caught on fire from the meteor. Here is a picture of how I think earth will look like when nothing is living on it anymore:

And then there will be junk all over the planet.

Now this is how I would show how the future COULD be pessimistic. But there are ways to not end up like this like stop polluting here is a chart of what kills people the most in America.

My goal is to stop pollution and make it to the NHL or become world’s biggest grass fed meats operations Tell me what is yours in the comments below! Thank you!